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LinkHaitao & Go City Launch Innovative Travel Pass System on WeChat

Attention advertisers in the travel space! Here's a game-changer for reaching global tourists: LinkHaitao has joined hands with Go City, a world-famous tourist attraction pass provider, to launch a WeChat mini-program distribution system to help upgrade global travel experiences. This partnership offers a powerful new way to promote your travel services through a newly launched WeChat Mini-Program distribution system.

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Mother's Day 2024: LinkHaitao Featured Merchants

This Mother's Day, LinkHaitao has partnered with many incredible merchants offering exclusive deals for customers worldwide and higher commission rates for our publisher and affiliate partners. In honor of the wonderful moms everywhere–whether she’s a beauty buff, a travel enthusiast, or simply enjoys the finer things in life–our team and our amazing partners are here to deliver the most wonderful gifts and unforgettable experiences this season.

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Building Trust and Transparency in Affiliate Marketing: A Guide

Many advertisers now consider affiliate marketing a cornerstone strategy in ecommerce and online marketing. However, with increasing scrutiny on ethical practices, building trust and transparency in affiliate marketing has never been more critical. This article will explore key strategies and insights from leading affiliate marketing and partner marketing websites to help advertisers cultivate these essential elements.

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Different Types of Affiliates You Can Partner With for Business Growth

Affiliate partnerships have become a powerful tool for advertisers to expand their reach and drive sales. By collaborating with affiliates, businesses can tap into new audiences and benefit from targeted marketing efforts. However, not all affiliates are the same. Understanding the different types of affiliates available can help advertisers strategize and select the best partners to maximize their affiliate marketing efforts.

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Branding and Affiliate Marketing Growth for Advertisers

Affiliate marketing is a competitive industry. Grabbing attention and driving sales requires a strategic approach. When you are able to combine the powerful duo of branding and affiliate marketing, this can become the key to unlocking explosive growth for your affiliate marketing business. So how do you build a strong brand and how can doing so benefit your campaigns?

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Featured Merchants for the LinkHaitao Spring Event!

Spring is in full bloom, and here at LinkHaitao, we are thrilled to unveil our esteemed merchant partners who are ready to make this season even more delightful. Our publisher partners are in for a treat with these fantastic brands, offering lucrative revenue shares of up to 70% when promoting these merchants during our special spring event. Let’s take a closer look at who you’ll be working with:

Special Event