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LinkHaitao & Go City Launch Innovative Travel Pass System on WeChat

LinkHaitao | 2024-05-17

Attention advertisers in the travel space! Here's a game-changer for reaching global tourists: LinkHaitao has joined hands with Go City, a world-famous tourist attraction pass provider, to launch a WeChat mini-program distribution system to help upgrade global travel experiences. This partnership offers a powerful new way to promote your travel services through a newly launched WeChat Mini-Program distribution system.


This initiative aims to leverage the influence of the WeChat ecosystem to educate end consumers about the advantages of tourist attraction passes, allowing them to enjoy global travel experiences with higher cost-effectiveness and lower expenses. 


What's In It for You?

  • Enhanced Visibility & Efficiency
    This innovative system simplifies promotion and streamlines media buys for your WeChat Mini-Programs. No more complex technical integrations – just focus on crafting compelling messages to reach your target audience.

  • Expanded Market Reach
    Go City's established network and LinkHaitao's marketing expertise open doors to new markets and collaboration opportunities, maximizing your reach and potential customer base.

  • Cost-Effective Promotions
    This collaboration is designed to reduce promotion costs and boost efficiency, allowing you to stretch your advertising budget further.


How to Maximize this Opportunity


Join the Distribution System
Go City and LinkHaitao are inviting travel service providers and WeChat Mini-Program operators to join their network. Be among the first to leverage this powerful distribution channel and tap into the outbound tourism boom.


Develop Compelling Promotions
Partner with Go City and LinkHaitao to craft targeted promotions that resonate with Chinese tourists seeking cost-effective and convenient travel experiences.

Embrace Innovation

This collaboration is all about staying ahead of the curve. Be prepared to explore new marketing solutions and expand your reach through this cutting-edge platform.


The Future of Travel Promotion

This partnership is a major step forward for travel advertisers. By combining Go City's reach with LinkHaitao's marketing expertise, you can gain limitless access to a vast audience of potential customers. As our partnership grows, we expect to introduce even more opportunities in the future, such as the development of more innovative marketing solutions, expanding market coverage, and providing comprehensive services. We aim to drive industry development and progress, and create a win-win situation for advertisers and tourists alike.


Contact Go City and Link Haitao today to learn more about the distribution system and start reaching global tourists through the power of WeChat Mini-Programs.


Go City and LinkHaitao invite WeChat Mini-Program operators and travel service providers to join our distribution system and start enjoying the growth dividends of the outbound tourism market. Together, let's create a brighter future for travel advertising and deliver richer experiences for globetrotters everywhere!


About Go City

Go City is an internationally renowned tourist attraction pass company with over 25 years of history, providing quality tourist attraction pass services for tourists worldwide. Our goal is to allow tourists to explore famous attractions around the world in a more convenient and affordable way, fully experiencing the joy of travel.


About LinkHaitao

As APAC's leading cross-border e-commerce performance marketing network, Link Haitao has been committed to building an efficient and stable bridge for advertisers and publishers, achieving impactful outcomes. Through collaboration with Go City, LinkHaitao will further expand its business scope and provide more high-quality tourism product resources for partners.

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